How to store duplicate file names and verify using UIPath

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How to store duplicate file names before processing to the next validation.

In SFTP Folder i have two files:


Based on above two files i have validated and sent emails with the data in CSV file.

Next day ,when other two files are added to SFTP:

When i processed the above two files,i found the duplicate file which i want to reject.

Other than Excel file ,can we store the file names which already processed?

Apprecaite your help!

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Hi @RajeshT,

You need keep the log of file processed a day before and , next day when before processing file build a logic in bot to check if already processed file exists in SFTP Folder.

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Sjhubham Pratap

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Thank you @Shubh1801, for your reponse.

Let me try !

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