To find the unprocessed file


I have a application running which takes in 10000+ files from the folder as input and whenever if one of the file(input file) can’t be processed, it gives the output in the same place where a file which has been processed successfully gives.

How do I separate the unprocessed file?
Any idea?

Thanks in advance.


Once you successfully processed, you can try to move to another folder like success, whatever not successful make a move to another folder, This will be easy to track


You can maintain a excel of all files name and write the status whether it is fail or success

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But the difficulty is in tracking which among those are unsuccessful.

as I mentioned the output for both success and unsuccessful is at the same place


Hey @ray_sha

Just find something unique which you get out when file fails in processing.
Something should be der unique which can strike you.
On that basis within the loop for unprocessed file you can update the status somewhere like in Excel or anywhere you want.

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u can take successful or failure file name in array and later on append them…

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@ray_sha Keep process file into a list on each iteration of file in a folder and for a new file just check whether file is already in the list e.g. List.contains(filename)

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Start the process with directory.getfiles. You will get the list of files. start processing it and at last move all the files of this list.

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Hey all,

I’ll try all the said approaches and see what works well.

Thank you all so much

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