File is in use

Private: Write range: The process cannot access the file ‘C:\Users--------\AppData\Local\Temp\53957aac-e9f6-40f0-9e21-49b504ae689d’ because it is being used by another process.

This error is coming while running the program in new version of uipath(18.4.3)
Previously it was running


Try after killing the application in task manager as the process will be running background.

I did that. Actually excel is not open. and i killed every processes.
Still this error is coming


This is the thing that i am getting

Can you try opening the same sheet from different location other than temp folder.

May be in another drive :).

I am trying to open this file from another folder only. not in this folder.
Actually this is a temp file that will be automatically created while we opening / reading/writing the excel.
After that this temp file will be deleted automatically.

But now while running this process it is not getting deleted automatically.

Yeah i know that thing :), i thought you were running the process from that location.
Have you tried restarting your machine and if the file exists in the temp still, delete it manually.

Hope this helps

I restarted my system many times.
And i manually deleted the temp files. but still it is not working

look into it once :slight_smile:

Hope Dev team will look into your problem

i checked this. But this can’t give a solution

And the problem is the same process is running properly in another machine.
So can anyone tell that what may be the issue

@AJISHA_P Can you attach your workflow?

@AJISHA_P what is the UiPath.Excel.Activities pack version? Is is the same as the one you have on another machine?

It must be open , try renaming the filename in “write range” activity and write it.
other reason is if u use multiple bot to access one excel this error occur.

if not worked , please tell the prior action you are performing before writing in excel sheet?