File is corrupted when downloading using HTTP Request

I am trying to fetch a file that resides on a public facing website with no credentials needed.

When I use a HTTP Request activity, and set both the EndPoint and ResourcePath properties, the requested file is (partly) downloaded, but the saved file is much smaller than the original file (if downloaded using a browser), and I cannot open the file, as it is corrupted.

This applies to both .pdf and .xlsx files.

Any ideas?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @jjes, is it possible to give a sample of the URL? :slight_smile:

@whyyouandi I am facing the same issue, any possible solution?

A sample URL would be awesome :slight_smile:

Hi, I have the similar problem. The case seems happen in random given corrupted file with HTTP Request Activities. Here are the 2 URLs could be used

I notice the corrupted file has extra-bytes written compare to the one download from the address bar of a browser

Thanks a lot

Hi @Chishing

I tested both links provided and with the latest UiPath.Web.Activities package. Both files were correctly downloaded and can be opened afterwards :thinking:

Have you tried increasing the timeout property of the HTTP Request activity?