Excel cannot open file corrupted send via API

Hi All,

I have created to API’s to get the excel file and pdf files from UI path studio via rest API.
I am getting binary as input in body and it’s working fine in case of pdf but when i am using the same API to get the excel file binary, when i download it, it says file format is incorrect or file extension is invalid?
but both the things are correct. Any help will be appreciated.
Manish Jawla

The files downloaded from internet are blocked for security reasons.
Can you check the properties of Excel and unblock if it is blocked.


Karthik Byggari


Hi Karthik,
Thanks for your response but still, i am facing the same issue.

Manish Jawla

hello @Manish_Jawla,

I am experiencing same issue with HTTP request and excel files.
Did you manage to find a solution for this issue?

thank you,