Corrupted file downloaded using HTTP Request

I’m new to UIPath and i’m trying to download a file with file extension .aspx. i need it to be saved as PDF file. but when i use http request to download the file, it either it was corrupted or empty. what can i do? i also used the balareva activities but it didn’t help me. please i hope you anyone could help me solve this problem.

Hi @Tammy1998,

Help me understand the behaviour you are seeing by answering the following:

  1. When you initiated the HTTP request, does the web browser responded by showing you a PDF in a web page ?

  2. Does the web browser URL ends with .aspx ?

  3. Does the web browser prompts you to download the PDF with a pop-up, etc. ?

  1. i didn’t check if the browser responded.
  2. yes it does end with .aspx
  3. it didn’t prompt me to download the pdf.

Hi @Tammy1998,

Is there a button or something that you click to start the download ?

hi. @GreenTea

is it possible not to download it? I have to operate hundreds of pdf if I have to download each one it.

and yes there is a download button but it is hidden.

Hello Tammy,
In this video, you can see how I download files from multiple systems (Maybe this will help you with your issue):
How to work with issues via REST API from UiPath Studio - YouTube
UiPath automation for Salesforce | REST API commands | OAuth2 | Download files | Without activity - YouTube
Cristian Negulescu

I am having a similar problem to the OP.

  1. When I click the link the web browser responds by showing a PDF in a web page
  2. My browser URL ends with .PDF
  3. The web browser does not prompt me to download the PDF with a Pop-up.

Do you have any idea what could cause the download to produce a smaller file in the file folder than if I manually download the file?
I tried downloading the file → Zipping the file using Belarava ->then Unzipping the file but that didn’t help.