Fields....could not be found in taxonomy

I tried the ML extractors based on sample “IntelligentOCR2.2.0” provided in this forum in How to use Intelligent OCR activities guide and example - #2 by Ioana_Gligan

I tried to add a currency field therefore I modified the taxonomy.
But now “Data Extraction Scope” activity gives an error “Fields ‘Financial.Accounting.Invoice.Currency’ from the extractors configuration could not be found in taxonomy…”

How to get rid of it?

Hello @J0ska,

We are investigating the issue (trying to reproduce it and if found fix it). Until then, please try to go into the “Configure Extractors” wizard and just clicking “Save” without making any changes. Please let me know if this fixes the issue.




Hi @Ioana_Gligan,
It works fine now without any obvious reason and without any change…


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