Fields are not showing in Dropdwon data extractor configuration part

Hi Team,
I stacked in document understanding data extraction using Machine Learning Extractor but below screenshot some fields are not coming in dropdown any solution regarding this please explain.

@rahul.kumar1 billing-vat-no is an invoice field, not an invoice line item field. You should adjust your Taxonomy Manager to move the billing-vat-no to the invoice level, you should be able to map it to the ML extractor field afterwards.

Hi @rahul.kumar1 ,

Check the below docs on the Schema representation present for the Different ML Packages :

This should be able to let you know what are the offerings from UiPath for that specific Model.

If you do not have the field that you would want to extract in the Schema, then it would mean that you would require to train the Model further with the documents by also labelling the required fields using Document Manager which contain those variations and then Deploy a new ML Skill and use that Skill

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