Fetch the repeated string from excel cell

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I am extracting some text from PDF files using Google OCR but it is not giving accurate data.

Here, I need to fetch text from headers in PDF file and it is same for all pages in a file. So, i scanned all pages in PDF file and placed the text into excel file on column wise.

Now, I want to fetch the text which is repeated more times in excel cell on column wise. Could you please help me in this.

Lakshman Ganta.


Currently I do not have access to UIPath Studio. But I have equivalent code in C#. Understand the below code and try to implement in the UIPath studio.

Before that load Column1 into DataTable. You can use the same following LINQ query in your program and just update the column name in the query.

var dt1 = new DataTable();
dt1.Rows.Add(“NOT GOOD”);

        var result = dt1.AsEnumerable()
                       .GroupBy(r => r.Field<string>("A"))
                       .Select(r => new
                           Str = r.Key,
                           Count = r.Count()

        foreach (var item in result)
            Console.WriteLine($"{item.Str} : {item.Count}");

The output of above program is -


Karthik Byggari


Thanks for ur rly. Could you please send me that workflow if you got UIPath studio access. Its very useful for me.

Lakshman Ganta.

check this out:

and aslo you can use group by as well as mentioned below:

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