Outlook Save Attachement

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I am working on outlook application , am facing the problem like email body contains some images while using save attachment activities and it was downloading all the attachment including that body content images.
I would like to omit the body content images while using save attachment is it possible?

Please advise me.

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Good morning Spark,

Will you always know which types of attachments you want to extract from the email?

If so, the solutions in the following post may help you out: Fetch the attachments only from attachment section, ignoring the inserted images inside body

Thanks for your response Chenderson, but i think there is also no solution about this.



Use "(\.|\/)(?!JPEG|jpeg|JPE|jpe|JPG|jpg|PNG|png|GIF|gif).*" in the “Filter” property of the “Save Attachments” activity.

This will only save attachments that are not one of the image extensions above (also ignoring embedded images). Of course, this means that if they actually do send you an image as an actual attachment, it will be ignored as well.