Fetch Arabic Text using Get OCR Engine

Hi Team,

I need to retrieve an arabic text using Get OCR text. It supports only english language. I checked the video and added Arabic lanugage in windows 10. After that I don’t know how to proceed. Could anyone guide me on this?


Hi @Boopathi

You will have to download traineddata file of google for Arabic langauge

See this

And select language as arabic



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Hi @PrankurJoshi

I added trained data and added arabic language in my windows 10 PC and run the bot using google ocr but it says invalid input language and Microsoft OCR returns empty text without scrapping anything.


I have included ara.traineddata in the below path. Is anything need to include


ara.traindata doesn’t Read Numbers in arabic any idea…

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Ravi Gupta

Hi @ravi_gupta,

I am working on a project with the same issue in reading (Arabic number).
have you solved it? if so i need your kind help in this regards.

thank you,

we have Switched to Python that is also a Temporary Solution.
Struggling to get it Resolved.

so is it reading arabic numbers now ?

No that is also Reading Text in arabic but not so accurate.

yes same issue here result accuracy ! have you tried integrate it with google translator API ? or search for another accurate NLP ?