Feature Request - UiPath Studio Development Analytics

Now that I have completed an internal robot and current working on the next iteration of the code, it’s great to be able to quantitatively communicate the value which is partly development time for me.

It’d be great to have at a glance time of how long the project has been open: Active editing time (vs maybe inactive time when a developer takes lunch for example) and debugging time (in my case, the amount of data constitutes overnight runs.)

Essentially I’m thinking a similar data analysis similar to say how Apple does the analysis of average move, stand, and exercise numbers. Except this would be for each individual project (and xaml file).

Does this make sense?

Caveats: Currently, a developer would have to run analytics against log files to understand how long development has taken and typical run times while ran in Studio. While in development, log files can be helpful but not a necessary good measurement.

I volunteer to be a beta tester on this feature if it’s released as well!


this would be very useful feature. Is there any plans to implement this to Studio?