Automating Development - Intelligent Development

How can we use the available UiPath platforms, principles, policies, best practises, activities and even the community to develop more intelligently and where possible, automate certain development aspects?

Hi @Jacqui_M

With LTS version you are getting a feature called workflow analyzer which helps you to perform a code review after development.

There are many new features like insights (to visualize you automation logs ROI), Automation hub (to pipeline and evaluate the process), Process mining etc… from UiPath

Please have glance at those to get more idea since its a lengthy topic.


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Thanks Roshan for your response! I took another look around the academy yesterday.

These are great additions to the UiPath platforms.

I am really keen to get to know what steps the community members have taken to expand on the available products in order to expand on their current ecosystem. So for example, pre-work automation or daily check automation, etc.

I do agree that this can become a very lengthy discussion. I am very keen to see and hear what we are doing as a community.

Once again, thanks for your response :slight_smile:

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