Feasibility and complexity calculation template

Hi can you please share me the feasibility and complexity calculation template also ROI and please explain the terms of each i really appreciate

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Hey @Aleem_Khan

Check this once if helps - Detailed Assessment


Hi @Aleem_Khan,

If you wish to use the Excel process assessment sheet then do read this thread, where you will find more explanation about the formulas used as well.

The link which @Nithinkrishna has posted will provide you with the required glossary / terminologies used in the process assessment sheet.

The sheet being referred to can be found in the business analyst UiPath academy course.

If you / your organization is using the Automation Hub, you will be limited to the features provided and cannot build up custom features like you can in an excel sheet. So something to think about before buying a automation hub license. On the contrary, automation hub is great to generate engagement from end users of automation. As always, there is a trade off between choosing automation hub vs. A custom built assessment tool.