Complexity Calculator

Hi all,

As a business analyst, I am interested in assessing the value of automating different projects. So UiPath provided the Complexity Calculator, (without instructions). Has anyone used this and do they find it helpful? I can reverse engineer the formulas which is fine.

Brian Martin
The Hartford

Hey mate,

Instead of using the complexity calculator we use a feasibility analysis here at our company which goes over a variety of requirements:

for example:

  • process documentation
  • risk and controls
  • complexity
  • data structure and any manipulation required

etc. etc.

I am happy to answer any questions you have around why we went this route, and to assist with whatever documents you may already have.


Hi Camm,

Thank you for responding. I appreciate the feedback.


Hi Martin, where can I find the ui path calculator ?

can you please share the link to download it please?

thank you,
Rodolfo Saldana

I don’t have a link to it. Who said I did?

I don’t work for UiPath.

Somewhere in the BA training.

I would post a request to Uipath to tell you where the complexity calculator is.

I came across it in their BA tutorial, but not sure which part.

Brian Martin

You will find UiPath’s Automation Complexity rationale in chapter 2 of BA course, Opportunity Assessment, page 6. :slight_smile:


Thank you.

Could you please help me with a template?
I am looking for more like this.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey Thiago,

Can you please send the link of the course, tried searching for BA course on UiPath Academy, but couldnt find out.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @mrbdmartin , also @Thiago nice to see you around.

I created a very simple document to help with this. Hope this helps

Process Complexity Calculator - Help / Documentation - UiPath Community Forum