Process Assessment

I have a question regarding the process assessment for RPA. There are two excel templates from the academy trainings. “Process Assessment Tool” and “General Process Assessment” excel templates provided by the academy. Which one is better to go with the assessment phase?

And second question, what are the critical things to consider for RPA? For example if we can not access to databases in our company we can not automate that process etc. Are there any other critical things to consider?


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In my opinion, the two excel templates are just the starting point for high-level analysis to determine the process suitability for automation and potential benefits. However, you are right it does not cover the critical things which comes by experience.

In general, you need to be asking questions about the automation environment, procedures, governance or policy surrounding the RPA project. You can apply critical thinking framework and toolset. I recommend the Think Smarter book where a sample chapter is available for reading.

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