Web API Http Request

Hi ,

Can anyone help me on Http Request activitiy .
i am using client given end point ,certificate and Passphrase key but while executing that it is giving me status code as 0.

Kindly help and advise.
Shashank Goel


Status 0 means there is an error at a lower layer than HTTP.( Such as SSL/TLS, TCP/IP etc)
So, can you check logs (including OS event log etc) in details if there are any clues to the cause?


Please note i didnt find anything in that. And i have tried same query in Insomnia and postman its working.

The certificate is not getting validated. Error code 0 mostly indicates the connection could not be established using the parameters provided.

The event logs would definitely have the error in it or ty with UiPath application logs to see if there is any error message or any detail.

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