Failed to start UiPath Studio

I am trying to start UiPath Studio but it will not launch. I get a ‘Failed to start UiPath Studio’ message every time, followed by another pop up that says ‘Object Reference not set to an instance of an object’.

I have tried uninstalling many times, and deleting the old UiPath folders but it still won’t start.
I also run it as Administer. And tried running it from a short cut.
I am trying to run it on a laptop running Windows 7.
I am following the install link from the email sent to me, opening it in Google Chrome.

Any suggestions on what this can be?

Thanks in advance

Please update the packages of UiPath.
Go to Activities–>Manage Packages and then update

Thanks very much for the reply. Where do I go to update packages?
I will attached screenshots of what my folder looks like, there is only one thing I found that is related to an update application. It did not seem to do anything except create a SquirrelSetup file.


Open UiPath Studio

Go to “Activities” Pane

Click on rightmost folder of “manage packages”

Then go in “All” and Install all available packages

My response was for “Object Reference Not set to instance of an object”

I can’t actually open UiPath at all right now, but when I do I will be sure to update the packages. Thanks very much again for the reply.

i am also facing the same issue can anyone know the answer

Facing the same issue, were you able to it?

I am also facing this issue is there any solution for this.

Any solution for this ? :frowning: