Failed To Read Excel

Hi All,

Bot is Getting failed. the reason is Excel is not in ready state. please make sure you are not editing cells and that no dialog windows are opened. Kindly help me fix the issue. I Could see excel is closed properly in some other machines but even though I’m getting this error any suggestion?

Hi @Buvaneshwaran_R
Kindly use workbook activities and give a try

Also I would recommend you to have kill process activity mention in properties process name as :EXCEL and continue on error set as true

Hope this helps

Hi @nikhil,

I have included those condition as well but still it’s throwing as an error.

Can you share us the exact error message @Buvaneshwaran_R

Also try to upgrade the package and give a try @Buvaneshwaran_R

hello @Buvaneshwaran_R ,

Is it a shared excel? Or are you trying to open the excel which is in your local machine?


First Check the file path.

Share the output Error Screenshot…