Failed to get transaction item from orchestrateur queue - solved

I am trying to creat a ReFramework project with queue Items, I created the queue, designed the process following these steps (open/closeapp, get transaction, add transaction (fill the form)).
When I run the project I get the error in the image bellow :
we have changed exel file that containes the data (removed the “°”, and “é”), and changed the names in assign (and log message) to the same ones as in the exel file, now it does work.
note : no personal identifiable info, its test data

Hello @yasser.elossa - Did you provide the right queue name in your config file. Make sure you create queue with the same name in Orchestrator Queues page

Hi @yasser.elossa,

I would avoid using keys with power values, to the user it may be degrees but in orchestrator you have to check how it renders it. The encoding in Orchestrator might have changed the N *Degrees to some other character.

In the dispatcher process/ hybrid dispatcher, try and avoid symbols and use common characters. Else you have to ensure you have access to your web.config file where you can specific a custom encoding scheme, such that orchestrator can parse it.

Starting point would be to inspect your queue item for the N *Degrees tiers key. Check how it renders it in the Orchestrator.

Yes I did provide the same name in both orchestrator and the config file

IT didn’t work for “Nom” either, I placed “N° tiere” first to see if the problem is just about strings (Nom) or global.

@yasser.elossa - It looks like the exception raised at the log message which is immediately after the started process log message. Can you share the log message screenshot at where the exception has raised

THE expression inside the log msg has might be the problem, since I used it inside the assign activity, THEN I had an error saying that the I cant assign that value to the var


Is it not “N° tiers” ? In your specific content you have this.

The error just says that one of the keys in your specific content does not match the one in Process.xaml.

in_TransactionItem.SpecifiContent(“N° tiers”) is an Object

CDec(in_TransactionItem.SpecifiContent(“N° tiers”).ToString)

@yasser.elossa - The error says it cannot find N° tiers in the orchestrator queue item. Can you check the orchestrator queue item matches with N° tiers or no.

  • Also, make sure you convert the queue item to string like CDec(in_TransactionItem.SpecifiContent(“N° tiers”).ToString) as like @jeevith said.
  • If possible avoid naming N° tiers to queue item, instead try giving normal data and see how it goes

It remains the same problem and error.

It remains the same problem and errors

It was able to make it work in my test environment.

It seems like an issue with your config or queue item in Orchestrator. Can we get a screenshot of the queueitem in Orchestrator?

I notice you’ve got it set to translate to english - if you change it back to french do any of the specificcontent items get altered in any way?

This was the queue item which was successful on my end -

I would suggest you do the following.

Put a breakpoint in at that log message which is erroring, then use the Watch panel inside Studio to interrogate the in_TransactionItem argument.

That way you’ll be able to test exactly what does/doesn’t work.

Hello @yasser.elossa ,

The error is not related to Orchestrator queue name as Get transaction was successful and it is Processing Transaction number 1.
However error log says that there’s some exception in Log message, can you please show us what are you logging in log message using the Dictionary / Transaction item (as it says the given value is not present in the dictionary).


Hi @yasser.elossa,

I dont see the key in your orchestrator queue item data.

I only see Numtiers as the closest / similar key in your queue item.

Ensure your string (key) is correct is it N° tiers Or Numtiers Or N° tiere. Keep a simple consistent keys across your dispatcher and performer.

The error is logically correct. There is no key present.

Also I am unsure if that is real customer data. Any personal identifiable information (PII) should not be pasted in a public forum. If it is test data, ignore my comments.

@loginerror potential PII (Name and Telephone) in one of the posts.

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we have changed exel file that containes the data (removed the “°”, and “é”), and changed the names in assign (and log message) to the same ones as in the exel file, now it does work.
note : no personal identifiable info, its test data

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