Get transaction item: The given key was not present in the dictionary

Hi @pauloengenharia5 ,

Please send us the screenshot of the input of the GetTransactionItem activity.
It seems that the activity uses the parameters which are not available in the Config file/dictionary. Please check the inputs and the Config file if such exists.



Pass OrchestratorQueueName as key instead of Value Mapping.

hello friend thanks for the help, now i have this error

Could you please check , queue folder which your using in orchestrator . If yes then pass folder name and replace value under(value column of config file ) of OrchestratorQueueFolderName. If please possible could you share orchestrator queue screenshot.

Your OrchestratorQueueFolderName value is HNK-Brazil
OrchestratorQueueName value is brazil058_Value Mapping

Please replace above two values accordingly in your config fille. Hope this will resolve your issue.

I think you can leave the folder blank, and it should work :wink: