Failed at sending STMP email message via gmail

Hi there,

I am having issues sending a simple email from UiPath via my Gmail account.

I have already allowed POP/IMAP in my Gmail account settings, as well as the usage of less secure apps. I browsed through all similar threads, however, none of them have helped me so far.

This is the error message I keep getting:

The port is set to 587, server “”.

I am looking forward to any hints!

Thanks, Stepan.


Allow this in your gmail and try

Hi indra,

thanks for your response, however, as I’ve already mentioned in the first post, I have already allowed this and it didn’t help. There must be some other problem.

Do you have any other tip?

Once change port to 465 or to 25 and try

Hi Stepan,

Are you in corporate i would look at your proxy/firewall rules with your IT and attempt finding an an ad-hoc solution. Very likely the problem could come from there…

Also; have you tried playing the the SecureConnection options from your the SMTP activity, 587 should be TLS


Thank guys for reply.

@Florent_Salendres I am trying this on my personal computer. I have tried to temporarily turn off my firewall, didn’t help.

@indra I’ve changed the port to 25 and now I’am becoming this message:


Do you know how could I solve this?