Facing Problem because of Beta Version

Hi Team,

Last 2 weeks back i was using beta version.I have faced some problems in the beta version , So i uninstalled the beta version ,start using the community edition (V-18.2.3).

From 1st October onward i’m unable to use community edition , automatically it switched to beta version .

Many times i’m trying to uninstall(Beta version) and installed the old version of

UiPath. But still no hope , After sometimes automatically it switched to beta version .I even tried to delete all the UiPath related files(inside app data folder,etc).But still once i install the community edition facing the same problem.

Please do the needful as soon as possible

@ovi @badita

Please help me to fix this issue.

Hi @Mirisi

Did you switch back to the Stable release channel under Help in Studio?

yes i did , i selected the stable version .
Still no hope…

Could you paste a screen shot of the version from your Help menu?



Good news. You have the most recent Stable version of UiPath Studio :slight_smile:
2018.3 was released as Stable, so nothing to worry about. Please enjoy the new features, which you can explore by reading the changelog:

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Thanks …
But i don’t want beta version or any updated version.because i have to use this code in the client system also… So licensed version only i can able to use in client machine.If i developed the project in the beta version and i used in the client system(lower version -UiPath). some activities are not supported.So until beta version is stable and licensed then only i can able to do project in it.

I developed my code in v2018.3.0 (stable Version). I tried to execute in the client machine which is 2.3 Version Uipath.
I’m facing the below error .

image .

Thank you for providing more context.

I see how it is an issue for you, but please keep in mind that the free Community Edition is not originally meant to be used in the Enterprise environment and as such follows its own roadmap of more frequent updates.

In your situation, I would suggest requesting and installing the Enterprise Trial version that will come with the installer for Studio 2018.2.3:
This will allow you to develop until the new UiPath Studio Enterprise 2018.3 is released (which is planned for this month).