Roll Back to Uipath stable Version (2018.4)


I installed Uipath CE 2019.11.0-Beta 2 . How can roll back to Uipath 2018.4 (stable) version. I tried uninstalling the program and removing all uipath related files. When ever i install it again , 2019.11.0 Beta is getting installed.

Please help me to install 2018.4 version.



Are you looking for old version of Community Edition ?


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I need UiPath studio version, with C# support, because now C# is disabled, and I can`t open project

CE is like this, you can only have the latest version, this is part of the license terms… the only option you have is to get preview or stable…

@sachinns @Oleg_Kuziv

For Enterprise Edition, we can request old version from Uipath team but we can’t get Community Edition. If any of your friend has older version then take from there.