Multiple UiPath Version Challenge

Hey guys,

It’s still not easy to have different versions of UiPath installed on the same machine. For example, I have an enterprise license on my laptop for work purposes but I also want to be able to download the latest Beta version of Community Edition (for obvious reasons!!) however, I don’t think I can have a licensed version and CE installed on the same machine?


Is there a way I can do this or is this a product request?


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All your questions are answered in the following thread. Please have a look.

Karthik Byggari

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Thanks I know what the problem is, I just don’t really want to have to contact support every time I want to test the latest beta version. I want to be able to amend the version easily without deactivating my enterprise trial license. There’s no option for switching to beta on the Enterprise version.

@ovi thoughts? I’m particularly upset because I can’t test “Dark Mode” :frowning:


You can’t really use community beta and MSI on the same machine. There are multiple problems that can appear.
Can you use another machine? Or try beta on a virtual machine ?


I’ll just get the license deactivated for now - don’t really need the Enterprise version. Although I’m sure I thought that before :smiley: