Facing issue in website data scrapping

I am trying to automate one use case from below URL :

please find screenshot of page 1 :

when clicking on email button: the second screen come:

from this screen, we need an address, landline number, mobile number and some more column and then go back to the first screen.
after that do the same process for second record( C2S HUB), once all records end then click on page button so next page would come, do the same process at this page and so on.
Please help me out.

anyone please provide some solution…

Hi @sgupta,
The same scenario is having in the other post. I have attached the sample project for it.Take a look. it may help you.


HI @sgupta,
I took a look your the web site. The paging is different than normal. If you click Next button , it has to navigate to 2 page. But it went to 5 page. So you have to handle with do while activity instead of data scraping.

Inside the do while.

  1. use find children activity and filter the a tag “< webctrl id=‘basic’ tag=‘A’ />” . So you can able to get all the company’s name with url and stored into a datatable.
  2. Before the condition, check the Next button exists or not. Based on you can exit from the loop.
    3.Do a for loop with the datatable . you can navigate and get the information about the company.


Thanks Balamurugan for response.
I will give a try and hopefully it will resolve my issue.

Hi @sgupta,
Use data scrapping but don’t use data scrapping “NextLinkSelector” property to navigate next page, use do while and click activity with data scrapping to navigate and extract all page’s data(click activity with dynamic selector- use counter for page no.). During making pattern for email, pick email url. Finally, data scrapping would return all page’s data in data table. Then iterate data through “for each row” activity and open all email url and extract needful data.