Data Scraping from Website



I want to Scrap data from “” and If I click on any company, I need to scrap internal data of an Company. Capture

So I want to repeat the same for all the companies in the pages.



U can try relative scrapping to scrape the data


I Shaik I want to click on particular company and get the data from that Page…So same has to be done for all the companies in the Page.


hi @yogiunisoft_m

Click on text and use Get Attribute Activity

Ashwin S


Hi @yogiunisoft_m,
It is very good task.Really a nice one.I have done the project for that url. It takes the company which starts “A”. The sample will get only 10 companies information.

File : Data Scraping from (74.2 KB)

outPut : CompanyListInfo.xlsx (8.1 KB)


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Thanks, Balamurugan for the response.
I tried to run/understand your case, but could not get success.
Could you please explain more or if possible, please provide me your number so that I can call and discuss with you.


Hi @sgupta,
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Thanks, brother…

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Hi @sgupta,
Did you achieve ?



Still stuck can we chat for 5 mints after 10 minuets if possible for you


Hi @sgupta,
What is the problem ? Can you share it here ?



I am confused why you used find children two times

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Hi @sgupta,

Here i have attached the source Which I have done the RND
File (177.3 KB)

1.The first Find children - finds the each row of the company.
2.The Second Find Children - it find the element inside the row . so that you can able to get the information about the comapny.

Note : The above is only to get the information of company in the page. It should not having the pagination.



Thanks for the response.

Today I explored more and got the idea why you using Find Children activities.

Just one doubt, I have, for now is that from where you got the idea for element exist selector(“item1.Selector.ToString + " ").

Kindly confirm.


Sunil Gupta



and facing one more issue related with filter in second find children