Facing an issue while dragging the Google Vision activities

I’m facing an issue while dragging and dropping the Google Vision activities. After dropping the activity inside Google Vision scope, the activity is not visible and instead of that the message “Could not generate the view” along the activity name appears. Currently I’m using 21.10 version of uipath community edition.
Sharing the screen shot of the issue for the reference. Any help on this would be highly appreciated.


I am able to use correctly.

Try upgrading the package for that
I am on the same UiPath version as you are.
Which version of that activity are you using?

Hi Rahul,
I’m also using the same version of the activity which you are using. But while adding the Google Vision dependency I’m getting “NU1101: Unable to find package Google.Apis.Vision.v1. No packages exist with this id in source(s)” error.

it seems a namespace missing issue.

Try reinstalling the package

Try creating a new process and see if that issue still persists there If not, then check if the namespaces are same

I’m still facing the same issue. I did reinstall the package and created the new process but getting the same error.