ExtractToDirectory invoke method files exist

I have a zipped folder, which contains many files, and a sub folder inside which may contains the same files as the files outside of this sub folder. When i used the invoke method ExtractToDirectory, there are exceptions returned which states file exist.

Invoke method arguments:
Source : \ZipFolder\XXX.zip
Dest: \UnzipFolder\Test1\

how do i solve this? Is it because of the files being same in both the root folder and the sub folder?
the extracting does not extract the subfolder?

Hello @TyraS

That is normal behavior. If files exist, then they cannot be overwritten by default.

You can use the Extract to dedicated Subfolder option.


Did you try this ?

Hi, theres no option for this in the invoke method. there’s no file in the destination folder… The files are all in the zipped folder. Zipped folders contains files + a sub folder (which might contains same file names as the ones outside of this sub folder that are in the zipped folder still). so when the invoke method executes, not sure its because it’s not extracting the subfolder inside the zipped folder too?