Invoke method causing problem

Hi all,

The “Invoke Method” activity is unzipping the zipped files and creating the folder for each unzipped folder.
i.e suppose i am having 10 zipped folders. for every folder while unzipping it creates a unzipped folder.

now i get A1, B1, C1- after unzipping.

This is happening on some systems and on some other systems its directly unzipping without creating the folder. i.e its not creating separate - A1, B1, C1.

I want it to create those above folders…

Please help me


This is not the issue with invoke method, when bot is trying to unzip and folder other file/folder with same name already exist, before you use invoke method, use path exist Check the folder and the file name exist if yes then delete existing one then unzip the folder else unzip directly.

Every time i am creating the zipped files freshly… and unzip folder is created automatically and inside the unzipped files it should create the different folder.

its not atall creating the folders rather its directly putting files.

also its working successfully on my local system… then why its causing this prob on other sys

Have you hardcoded the path where it needs to create folder according to your local machine?

i have chaned the path n run code on both the machines …all those basic things r taken care

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You should do something like this:

  1. Assign to get the folder name which may be name of zip file ‘Invoice_329604’


  1. Update the 2nd argument in Invoke



Thank you…

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:slight_smile: is your problem solved?

yeah… thank you again :slight_smile:

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