Extraction of information from a database

Hi guys, I need some help. I’m creating a bot, and I got stuck in a part, I need to access a data table (it’s in a portal) should I click on the first element, it will open another page and then copy some information from that element. (such as customer ID, contract number and email) and save in the orchestrate queue, then I have to go back and do the same process for all the elements of that table. Can anyone help me, or give me a tip on what to study?


  • Use an open browser activity to navigate the portal
  • Use the table extraction activity to extract the entire datatable
  • loop throught the column where is the first element
  • pass that row variable to an dinamyc click activity
  • use an attach browser activity to attach the new window
  • perfom the activities, extract information using get text activity, etc…
  • pass the information in add to queue item activity
  • repeat

It will be something like that i think,


Hey man,

I already tried to do that, but it didn’t work.

which error are you getting?

It doesn’t give an error, but it just reads the information of the first element and the others don’t. And it ends.

can you share the workflow please?

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ea man @fernando_zuluaga , this workflow is just the part of extracting some information from the element. (such as customer ID, contract number and email).

The part of adding the queue, I have no doubt. I speak portuguese, so the bot is in portuguese.

ExtracaodeDados.xaml (37.7 KB)

Hello @AlexandreManuelLara ,

I hope you are using the Table Extraction feature. So when you insoect on an element using Table Extraction, it will automatically identify the similar pattern and create a Datatable for you. You can use that to loop and get the other details.

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Hey @Rahul_Unnikrishnan thanks, but this video show only how to extract data table, anda i know do it. And it doesn’t solve my doubt.

In the video it explains about a pattern based extraction also. Suppose it you don’t have a table and you have some similar pattern of data to extract, there also this feature will help.

I hope in your case it’s a pattern based data