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Hi Everyone, I have a problem like I want to extract data from like this url: There is 22 items. I need open each item like image
and extract the required info which is marked. After completing the first page then go to next page like image
Please resolve the issue.

hi @Jesmine

Get text will work for extracting the data and then using the element exist for moving to the next page…

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Hi @Shubham_Varshney, Thanks
I am using web recorder but it’s not work for open item like click on the car. I am able to extract the first page all item but not open the each items and extract. and go back first page and open another item. Can you please upload any sample workflow?


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well you can use Get text activity and you use Element Exist Activity to find the drop down arrow button and do the same process in loop!

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modify selectors and try!

HI @Pradeep_Shiv Thanks,
Can you upload any sample workflow?


I can create a workflow, can you try the following steps before I do so :slight_smile:

  1. Open browser
  2. Navigate to website
  3. Type into the search area the Car you looking for
  4. Extract data and store value in data-table
  5. Now element exist for “see more Matches”. Add this to loop till it’s appearing
  6. Write the Data-Table in Excel for convince. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Good day :smiley:

Jesmine.xaml (10.0 KB)
you can use element exist at the end!

Hi @Jesmine,

Please check the solution, firstly bot will load all the cars of the page then click on first car and come back to home page, then it will click on the second car and come back to home page and so on. Until all items will not processed.

Get_Text_Data_Query.xaml (16.0 KB)


Hi @ Harshit Singh, Your workflow is really helpful. I need to extract data after click on the car and store it into csv file. It’s continue until it’s not finish.It’s click for the next page but it’s not click on the car should first car & extract data and second car & extract data and so on when the first page load.Can you check it please?

Hi @Jesmine

Check the updated workflow, it will extract the data from the web page one by one and write into the output panel.

Also, please read the comments mentioned in the workflow.

Please check and if it’s ok for you. please mark it as a solution.

Get_Text_Data_Query.xaml (24.8 KB)


i will change my picture to a beautiful girl too and take a vacation so you guys do all my work :rofl:

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