Split values from the result received from CustomForm Output

Hi All,

I have created a customForm whose output I have stored as CustomOutput

““1”,“2”,“No”,“Not_applicable”\r\n” is the received o/p.

Now I want to extract one by one values from it and store them separately into different variables for further use.
So while using split function as
I got these error…
The name ‘c’ does not exist in the current context(5,37): error CS0149: Method name expected

Please support in this

This is working for me @somya177

strq is the string type array :slight_smile:


the name ‘c’ does not exist in the current context is the error I am getting while assigning strq to pass1

Can you attach the workflow if possible? @somya177

hey…i was able to do that…but now after splitting them I want to assign each value into different variable for future use so in foreach I used assign res1=item(0).toString but I am getting error method name expectedMain.xaml (8.4 KB)

HTMLPage1.html (5.3 KB)

Please find attached customForm to use CUSTOminput activity whose string needs to be splitted

Hi @somya177

why your mentioning item(0) here


the string is already splitted and your looping the array

so it should be like this


this is because that the values that I am getting,i need to assign them into 4 different variables


Then no need of for each loop
you can take four assign activities

var1 = res(0)
var2 = res(1)
var3 = res(2)
var4 = res(3)

it gives error “Method name expected”

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I faced the same issue @somya177

Here the problem is with the workflow, it is not created properly

I created a new project for this then its working fine

so pls create a new project and implement there don’t work on this workflow any more

is it working now?

yeah…i made some changes and it worked

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