Custom Input can't get the value from web form

I want to use Custom Input to get the checkbox value from web form, but I can’t get the value. What should I do?
Source files:Main.xaml (4.2 KB) fliter_checked.html (1.6 KB)
Here is my web form and js code:

And my uipath workflow:

Hi @wujiu2333

Have you tried using get attribute activity



here are some points I found in the code :slight_smile:

  1. Using document.write will write the value whatever you gave in the browser and the process stops there itself ( loop through the array you are building and then form a string inside)
  2. The type of button or input you are giving in the end should be of type submit
  3. you have to mention the form of type post and a name
  4. I will strongly recommend using individual ID’s for each check box and check for each box individually in the submit code


I find the solution due to I have wrong with change array to string.
Should use this code:

var output = check_val.join(",");

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