Email body extracting

Hello, i just get to know how to use RPA in studio
Currently right now i want to extract this particular data from Email
where after this title ignore the header and copy all of it and paste into a excel where the header exist same as the data i have
how can i do it any help will be appreciated !

Hi @CoolRobot

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can u tell with screenshots of what u need to extract from email body ?


For knowing UiPath, you can go to

for Email, you need to provide some more inputs like which email provider are you using like Outlook / Gmail

Depend on these we can assist you

but suggest to check in academy too


Something like this from my Outlook
i wan to extract only the TPM005 onward
header are not needed as my excel file also have it !
and paste into here
the empty row

Hi @CoolRobot

is the table is pasting into the excel file ?

yeap is a file from attachment call msg where is it listed in the table and yes need to paste into the excel!