Extracting Signatures from Forms for analysis

I have a form that can have up to 4 signatures on the bottom of it . Currently I am using Document Understand to extract data from the form and confirm that the signature is there,
All this works fine.
What I would like is to be able to do is
After the DU process is complete and the information has been validated with the validation station , I would like to extract the signature as an image from the form and then use it with a signature comparison software to compare with a signature image that I have in the database.
I have looked at extracting images from pdfs , but as my pdfs are scanned, each page in the document is classed as an image.
As I can have up to 4 signatures per document , is there a way to select a specific area and return it as an image?


would it help to open each document and make sure its zoomed to 100% for example and then select the regions where signatures are supposed to be and take screenshots? thats the quickest solution i can think of right now.

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I will try that SenzoD, Thank you for the suggestion

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