Handwritten Signature Extraction from PDF

Hi all, I’m a beginner in UiPath and theres’s alot to learn.
I’m working on a project which helps bank organize and digitally verify the handwritten signatures collected from their customers. I need to collect signature fields from the pdf of the document that the banks provide. I tried automating by converting the specific pdf pages to image then extracting the signatures using PhotoShop but that wasn’t convenient. I read a post here about image cropping but the solution was using the exact coordinates where the signature is supposed to be. Is there any method to do this that is convenient and that does not not use any coordinate specific extraction from images? Please share if you have any insights on this. Best regards.

Hi @Utcresta_Mishra
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Using document understanding you can try to do that [for handwritten data extraction]
Check the video for more info https://youtu.be/O4P7L7GiZ98

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Hello thanks for the reply. I’ve used document understanding and it didn’t what im trying to achieve here

did you found any solution because i’m trying same