Extracting EPIC Data

Has anyone been able to extract data or data tables out of EPIC?

Hello @jeff.shubzda ,

Can you provide some more details?
A screenshot or a link (if is something public).


We it’s not a public site it’s a VM that we access through a WebEAd client. It has patient information on it so I can’t show a screen shot. The problem I think is 1. it’s a VM so web-scrapping see it as one image, 2nd. the site or application is made up of iframes all over the place so even in a datatable when I try using CV or other methods it just scrapes a few words not all the table data.

I am thinking tthat you have these options:

  1. Us Computer Visio to scrape data.
  2. Use screen scraping (With OCR)

Maybe others will have other ideas…


Thanks, I tried CV and was able to get the bot to move around in the environment but that data table scraping did not see the data as a table. OCR grabbed the entire screen data.