Extracting data from graph



Need to get data from a graph using scraper with OCR , but not successful yet

Help Required asap. :slight_smile:

  • wud u wanna elaborate this issue in detailed way
    -Can u share the screen shot of what kind of data needs to be scrapped.
  • is it in Citrix Environment ?? or normal web window.
  • can u explain what activities ve u tried so far and screen shot error



This graphโ€™s data needs to be taken on excel simply as in (X,Y) coordinate format.
So while using screen scraper ,it says this control is not supported.

The graph is located on web or can be either in png or jpg format

While using Google OCR it gives me incorrect data like this as shown below


This looks tailor-made for your requirement, probably automate with uipath.



Thanks @vvaidya but constrained to only use RPA for the same task


vvaidya we do not want to expose our internal data to any third party