Extraction of data from a graph in an Application


I would appreciate some pointers on how to extract data from the graph as shown below.

We are facing some challenges with respect to data extraction in a graph based data.

  1. The entire graph is selected when we try to locate the individual graph element through UI explorer. Thus resulting in some limitations where we are unable to use get text or anchor based activity (where we can link up the value to headers below)
    2)So we are using image based hover and then taking screenshot of entire page.
    Followed by regex to extract the desired value.
    However the results dont seem reliable and the values being picked up are random.

Kindly suggest how we could implement this in Ui path.
Thank you in advance

Hi @Vidya_Srinivasan

First thing to try would be to see if pressing F4 while capturing a selector allows you to find a better framework to work with. Please try selecting different elements of the graph with while switching between different options.