Extract data from graph from a open website

Hi all.

I am trying to extract information from a graph that is present on a web page.
How can I capture the data from graph?
Any idea?



If possible can you please share screenshot of the graph and let us know what information you want to capture from it. So that we can check and help you.

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Hey @lakshman,
You can any line graph that present on webpage.


Use Get Full Text activity and indicate that graph to read required information from it.

Hi @lakshman,
I did try using the activity.
I get the values but it comes as a single string

I am attaching an image, where
The first value is B and 1 on x axis
The second value is C and 2 on x axis
The third value is A and 3 on x axis

Using get full text I’m not able to get the data.


I guess we can’t read this kind of data using UiPath.