Extracted data is not showing in data table output. But at the time of data scraping or table extraction, data is showing

At the time of scraping or table extraction for one column data is visible in preview but in output, extracted data is not coming.

Hi @vnsatyasunil

You might check your selector, maybe is its taking the wrong element, also check if you set the extraction correctly


tried with table extraction now I got data like this
number sort in ascending order
I want like this
Please help

a didn’t get your point, i see the same data, could you elaborate?


need to remove sort in ascending order & state(Y)

Try saving the DataTable to an Excel sheet and check if data is properly extracted.
And For sorting, check the properties panel, to know more about how the data extracted is saved into the DataTable

we would recommend to ectract the data as done and then afterwards cleansing up the result e.g. with filter datatable, LINQ…

need to remove lines sort in ascending order & state(Y)
from line POC345678,need to add it to queue.

Hi @vnsatyasunil - I’m assuming need to remove lines sort in ascending order & state(Y) is the header of the data table, if not instead those are the rows in a data table then, you can remove those rows using Remove Data Row activity

Doc - https://docs.uipath.com/activities/other/latest/user-guide/remove-data-row

Provide Row Index and the data table name (below screenshot)

FYI - Row Index starts from 0, means, first row index is 0, second row index 1…


how to pass row index to remove first 2 rows in remove datarow activity?

@vnsatyasunil - Take 2 Remove Data Row activities, in the first one pass Row Index as 0 and your data table name. Now, in the next activity, pass Row Index as 1 and again your data table name

FYI - We can’t pass multiple row indexes in the same activity. So, you have to use multiple Remove Data Row activity to delete each row.

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Thanks.It worked

@vnsatyasunil - Great! If there were no other issues can you please close this topic by choosing appropriate post as solution. This way it would help others facing the same issue

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