Extract text with regex

good, I don’t have much knowledge in regex and how to set the rule to extract certain words, that’s why my query

I would like to extract the data that is underlined, this data can be dynamic but it has the same format ### - ########


in uipath study I need to establish a correct rule, since I am selecting all the numbers and I only want the ones below including their script

@borismh - Please try this…


Regex Patter: (?<=.*\r\n\w\s)\d{3}-\d{7} → If this didn’t work…

Update: Try this - (?<=\n\w\s)\d{3}-\d{7}

Refer this Regex Mega post


Excuse the notepad, I did not show some symbols in the input, so now I do not get the result

@borismh - Do you always get that ° symbol after that N?

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@borismh - Here you go


Pattern: (?<=\n\w.\s)\d{3}-\d{7}

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