Extract text safely and continuously

Hi everyone

I have a problem, I am using the “get text” to extract a text from the web page, but it is not necessary, sometimes it detects the text and extracts it correctly, but sometimes not, I put “delay” and put the "wait for ready "in completed but you keep happening

there is a way to extract the text continuously and safely

Thanks a lot

Is the activity throwing an error or getting no text in some instances?

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as I need the flow to continue. I put it in a try cath, and if it doesn’t extract any value it leaves it blank

Is the catch block being executed? I ask because whether you get an error or the process proceeds without error will help determine the solution.

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I do not understand, I put it in a try catch and it is in exception in case it does not detect and continues, but before that happened, it did not detect and continued, I put it just in case, but in what way it can be solved with the try catch

Can you send the workflow or a screenshot of where you’re using Get Text? Trying to route out the possibilities.

I can send you the sequence but it won’t work, since it is connected to arguments

Generar Liquidacion - Paso 3.xaml (178.4 KB)

I have a couple of things you could try.

1.) Try taking the Get Text activity outside of the Try Catch block. Unless there is a reason the process should continue without getting the text, an error should be thrown here. This will also help pinpoint if the activity is throwing an error without the Try Catch.

2a.) If there is an error, you’ll need to modify your selector to make it valid for the item you’re trying to get the text from.

2b.) If there is no error, there is another way you may be able to get the text. Have the bot select the text you want to copy, and use the Copy Selected Text activity to retrieve it.

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although this without the try cath does not register error get text
only that the result is null or empty does not extract anything,

of the selector the only part that can be changed is the H1 that comes out as a tag, but that is done and the problem persists

rather explain to me how is the 2b solution

For the 2b solution, selecting the text may require some creativity. You could try using a Click activity set to double click to highlight the text; then use the Copy Selected Text activity to get the information.

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