Extract Text from PDF-File

Hey guys,

I want to extract some text from a pdf-file and it works BUT when I take another pdf-file with the same format and other names it doesn’t work :frowning: I use GetOCRText. What’s wrong?

Thanks, Christina

@itschrissie7, Hi and Welcome to the Community Forum.

Please provide more detail, what is the error message you are getting? if possible take the screenshot of the selector and i will have a look at it.

Also make sure to use Dynamic selector, for example where it says “title” replace that with a wild card (*)

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Ah, thank you! I haven’t replaced the dynamic selector “title” :roll_eyes: Now it works!

I have another question:
Now I have different values, f. e.
a = 13.4 M
b = 1.6 K
and I have to remove the letters. This means, I have to multiply with *1.000.000 if there is a M and multipy with *1.000 if there is a K. May I do this with Assign?

Thanks a lot!

Are you familiar with Regex especially in UiPath?

Try this expression (\d+\.\d+), this will get your the numbers and save that to a variable
and then use an if activity, and have something like YourVariable.Contains(“M”) then multiply else if YourVariable.Contains(“K”) then Multiply

Let me know if you need further assistance.


I wasn’t, but after some reading I know what it’s doing.

I used “Matches” and the expression but after running there is an Error:
What’s wrong?


hi @itschrissie7

In message box just write
string.join(" ",Yourvariablename)
Then You can see your output.

Om Prasad

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Not it’s working - thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Hi @itschrissie7

If it’s working please close this topic.

Om Prasad

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