Extract tables and saved in one excel file

Hi Community,

I would like to ask how can we extract the tables and save in one excel file.

Currently the tables extracted and saved in the multiple excel file as per screenshot below:

For the above result, i follow the video guidance and i not sure how to change it so that the tables can be extracted in just one excel file.

Many thanks for your help.


Instead of write range use APPEND RANGE ACTIVITY and give a try

So that it will get written in same file and gets appended in the same file

Cheers @SH_94

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When you want the result to write in one excel sheet, then as you mentioned table.TableName just replace this with Sheet1

and instead of write Range use Append Range

because everytime loop runs the sheet you specify is Sheet1 and it will append the data instead of write range

Hope this may help you


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