Multiple Datatable extractions from Website to Excel in one Sheet

Hello, I would like to export several data sets / datatables to an Excel sheet. My problem is that the Excel file is always being overwritten with the new readings from another table. I would like all the tables to be written to one another in an Excel sheet and not always to be replaced. Thanks for your help:)

Hi @Maxi_B

Do you want the data in Excel should not be overwrited but in separate sheets

Is that correct


no, not in separate or multiple pages. the data should all be added or supplemented in one sheet

Hi @Maxi_B

In write range uncheck overwrite property and check

where is it here?


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You need to use Append Range activity

Write Range-> Will always overwrite to the existing Data
Append Range-> Will append the new data to your previous data

Hope this helps you


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