Extract Structured Data Table

Hello, I have a problem with an automation I have an extract on a table from a website in the names and when extracting I use the lines to click on each name but I found a problem that comes with spaces in some names and my click text cannot identify the text I did a test and removed the space in inspect element in chrome it can identify and click normally

is it possible to fix this error?

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If possible can you add few screenshots of the error or the issue you are facing
which would be helpful to figure out the actual issue.

and are we trying to extract table from that website using EXTRACT STRUCTURED DATATABLE activity like this


Hi @igor1 ,

Why don’t you use click activity instead of Click text, Any specific reason you are using it?

no are 2 space

there are 2 spaces

and data extraction does not bring up spaces as it is in id there

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I have a table and I need to click on each element with different names how do I use this in the standard click?

So if you have the extracted data ready and and if we want to click on each text
Then we can actually try with simple CLICK activity

Whenever you click on a text in a GUI the selector in click activity will have a atttibute name called “aaname”

Pass the value for the hat attribute in selector by creating a variable for that attribute
So that CLICK activity will click that text for sure

And to create variable in selector refer this thread

Pls let for any queries or clarification

Cheers @igor1

but in this way it will identify the element even with space?

Ofcourse yes
We can include Regex or simply split those words with WILDCARD symbols inbetween which will take the space or even if it’s not there

Cheers @igor1