Extract string between two strings USING REGEX WIZARD


I’m looking to extract a string from between 2 sub strings.

There are many example of this using regex and substrings.

I would really like to understand how to use the regex wizard in the matches activity because I think it would be a really convenient way of generating regex strings if I could get it to work.

This is what I attempted (and several other attempts but with no luck) can someone show me how to set up the WIZARD not the Pattern property in the activity please.

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to be honest this builder is not the place to go to learn Regex expressions, maybe go to places like this first: https://regexone.com/

in your case, most likely you need the option for multiline…

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This site is quite handy to create and test the regex.

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Thanks for the replies and links guys but I’m really interested in understanding how the wizard works rather than generating regex patterns directly (although I should also spend some time on your website links to better understand regex)

I can’t even get it to return ‘b’ if I change the starts with to a and the ends with to c.

I really want someone to tell me what I’m doing wrong and if the wizard will work with single or multiline data. The help page is pretty useless in terms of explanation. The only example they have is of finding a literal string on it’s own. I’m not sure what help that would be, apart from being able to tell how many times it had occurred.

this activity is so you can find text in a large string and not to extract text that are not inside the expression…

isn’t that was ‘is match’ does (lets you know if there is a match) the ‘matches’ returns an enumerable of all the matching substrings which you can then loop through.

exactly, so for your case that has multiple lines you want the Matches like this:

if you set multiline (or compiled) for example in the properties before using the wizard and then go to the wizard and hit save the property resets to just ignore case as that is the only tick box in the wizard I guess.

It would be nice if the wizard was actually useful.