Extract specific data from multiple urls and write into excel

Hello Guys,
I have a scenario that i wants to extract date and value from multiple url’s with condition like, if todays date is “06 may 2019” so i want to capture today’s date-1 means “05 may 2019” or last updated date from website and it’s close value.

For ref urls:

Thank you.

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  1. Find yesterday’s date by using DateTime.Now().AddDays(-1).Date.ToString("dddd, MMM dd, yyyy").
  2. Use DataScraping to get the information from website to a DataTable.
  3. Use For Each Row activity under DataTable to iterate through the extracted DataTable.
  4. With a if condition, check match in the table. If matches, take the values you want and end the iteration.

I see that the table is sorted, so if you can’t find yesterday’s info, just take the first row value. Also, you can stop the iteration if the date goes beyond yesterday.

sry but, can you pleae share flow for the same, i am not getting how to implement into studio.

I have made a flow. Please have a look.

Assumption: You need the closing value of last working day. So if you are running this on a Monday, you need closing value of last Friday.

Caution: This workflow is just for guidance and don’t use it as such.

Main.xaml (13.5 KB)